The Moonlight Project

The Moonlight Project is a cycle of songs about memory, love and loss. The Moon is a metaphor for lost loves. The Sun, that burnt-out star, represents love’s urges and passions; the bigger the star, the more quickly it burns out. These astrophysical laws apply to love, too.

Conceived in collaboration with Seanie Blue, the project has grown in scope to become…unfinished. We’ve written and recorded a dozen tunes, and have made multiple versions of all of them. We’re trying to scratch our way towards something new here – who says there has to be a definitive version of a tune? Why can’t you add layers and layers of harmony and embellishment onto a track and then take out everything except the embellishment?

Along the way, we’ve worked with dozens of talented artists and musicians, and I am indebted to all of them. Here’s a few pieces to get you started…

Sophie Holt, Vocals & Guitar

Michael Jerome, Drums

Helena Lalita, Vocals & Violin.