Out West Orchestra.

Illusions Small acoustic ensemble

Can You See? Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp.

Old News Strings, Piano, Clarinet.

Daddy Strings

The Letter Small acoustic ensemble

Rock Creek Small acoustic ensemble.

Mystery Man Brass ensemble.

Lost 12-tone string quartet.

The Shire Mandolin, Flute, Guitar, Bass, Percussion.

Bordello Swing Acoustic slide and ensemble.

Foggy Bottom Noir jazz.

Passport From “The Amazing Race”. A jazzy exploration.

Mobius From “The Amazing Race”. Melodic Groove.

Call Me Daddy Jazz quartet.

Dane’s Groove Organ combo.

Dark Matter From “The Amazing Race”. Orchestral drama.

Tranced From “The Amazing Race”. Orchestral drama.

Scorpio From “The Amazing Race”. Orchestral drama.

Dutch Treat From “The Amazing Race”. Waltz.

Shocked From “The Amazing Race”. Orchestral drama.

Floydian From “The Amazing Race”. Rock groove.

Guruvy From “The Amazing Race”. Sitar groove.

Ishmael From “The Amazing Race”. Medium Drama.

Chill Space Lounge groove

Living With the Genie News theme.

Talk Show Open Show band with horns.

Cha Lingo Theme music for TV comedy show.

I Fell Once Vintage Capitol session.

Man Retreat Fire in the belly.

The Old Country Violin, Bass Clarinet, Piano.

Odessa Violin, Bass Clarinet, Piano

Red Is The Color Of Wurlitzer groove with musical saw

I Bleed Piano, cello

Red Piano solo

Robert, It’s You Guitar and strings

Rodeo Night Americana

Smooth Toke 60s rock

Something New Instrumental America

The Beach Bag Orchestra

The Lipstick Bag  Groovy guitar wah.

The Bag Soul jazz flute.

The Stairs Horror.

What Was That? Horror.

Creepy Basement Horror.

He’s Here Horror.

Who’s There? Horror.